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ReadyWhen consists of 5 full time team members and 1 senior advisor.

Jessie Vaid
Founder and CEO
Jessie Vaid is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ReadyWhen. With over 15+ years of experience running his own Notary office and creating thousands of Estate planning documents, he is the subject matter expert when it comes to Estate planning. 

Sachin Bhalla
Co-Founder and CMO
Sachin Bhalla is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ReadyWhen. He has over 14+ years of experience in the marketing industry, including being a senior leader at a tech company that went from 100 employees to over 800 in three years and ultimately got acquired. 

Roohshan Divecha
Partner and COO
Roohshan is a Partner & the Chief Operating Officer at ReadyWhen. He is a senior software technology executive with  20+ years of experience working in the IT industry. He is well versed in managing development teams to build out technology-based platforms and solutions. He is a strong Operations professional, skilled in building, managing, and growing high performing Customer Delivery and Services teams for SaaS companies.

Gavin Heer
Gavin Heer is the Chief Technology Officer of ReadyWhen. An industry veteran, he brings over 15+ years of expertise in designing and building large-scale Internet applications. He leads the technical direction and development at ReadyWhen. 

Geng Gao
Senior Software Engineer
Geng Gao is a Senior Software Engineer at ReadyWhen. With 11+ years of experience designing and developing high quality web applications. He worked at the General Electric Company and led a team of developers building large scale cloud-based enterprise applications with a focus on improved User Experience.

Gautam Lohia
Gautam Lohia is the co-founder of Apply Digital and has been leading digital technology companies for 25 years. Prior to starting Apply, he was instrumental in growing Blast Radius from a Vancouver-based digital agency to a global 2 marketing firm until its sale to WPP. He will be guiding ReadyWhen during this process to ensure the right decisions are being made so the company has the right trajectory. 

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